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The Story of Bubbles For Poppet

For the love of bubbles and of poppets.

Hello reader,
I’m Manjari, a fashion designer by trade, lover of textiles, embroidery, craft and a mum of an eight year old gorgeous girl.  BFP is a result of hard work of all three of us as a family! My husband makes the wooden toys, my displays and helps setup at the markets every weekend along with our daughter! Together we’ve been creating this beautiful brand with love, sweat and tears ( oh yes!) 
We believe in creating beautiful and healthy play environment for the little ones with our wooden toys made from reclaimed wood, using natural dyes and oils. Our clothing is made from all natural materials, cotton, linen and wool. Styling natural clothing in tune with the current fashion trends but with a bit of retro streak! All our materials are sourced locally and products are handmade in Melbourne. 
We are working at creating a zero waste brand. So far not even a single scrap has ended up in landfill ( woohoo!!) that said I do have two bags full of offcuts which are hiding under my work table! I use my offcuts to create patterned skirts, coin purses, children’s toys as well as I run sewing workshops creating brooches with these offcuts! Want to know more? My daughter has started using these off cuts in her craft projects which she creates to sell through her market stall ( along with her BFF) there are still endless possibilities and ways where I can completely consume the waste and I’m going to achieve it (read determination!)
Follow me on socials to share my story and yours as we make this world a better place. Thankyou for choosing Handmade for your little one! 
LoveManjari xx


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